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  • Phone: 0161 711 0444

Each valuation is tailored to each specific consultation that APS carries out. Though every property is unique. Our process is simplified over three simple steps.

Request Offer:

  • Upon meeting, we will have a ‘real-conversation’ about a realistic offer that you would like. 
  • Taking into account the structural integrity of the property, we will discuss each room as well as the history of the property where additional work may have been carried out. 
  • Identifying where value can be added could increase your asking price. 
  • After we complete our findings, we will liaise with a RICS Chartered Surveyor who will write an extensive report to corroborate our valuation.
  • You will then receive a receive a copy of this within 7 days which includes our guaranteed cash offer and remain open to you.

 Accept An Offer:  

  • Once you have read the report, you will be given some time to decide on the offer we give you. 
  • You may contact us to either agree or discuss further on 0161 941 2999
  • Choose a completion date suitable to your time-table

Receive Payment:

  • Choose a method to receive payment.